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Meat Ball Casserole

Cooking Time: 50 minutes 

This classic and filling casserole is perfect for a cozzy afternoon meal 🏡

Home sweet home!

Nothing better than having a homemade meatball casserole to remember the coziness of home and family. 

This recipe is perfect for family time. It's warm, it's nourishing and it's delicious. Family dynamics can be tricky sometimes, work, classes, chores can get in the way, but having family hours and actually eating at the same table at the same time once in a while are small moments that make us reunite with our loved ones. 

This recipe is perfect for everyone, kids, parents and olders. Whether it is a family reunion, a week day or just wanting to feel like home, the nourishing and warm feeling of veggies, meatballs and spices creates the ideal meal to have in those cozy days.


½ pound lean ground beef

Salt and pepper

1 tablespoon of olive oil

A handful of chopped fresh parsley 

One “Tomato & Basil with Coconut Soup"

2 tablespoons of ricotta or mozzarella cheese 



1. In a medium-sized skillet, add your “Tomato & Basil with Coconut Soup" at low-medium heat for 5 to 8 minutes. *Make sure to stir occasionally. 

2. Time to make our meatballs! Add your favorite seasonings, a handful of fresh parsley and olive oil to the ground beef and mix well.

3. Make small to medium sized meatballs. 

4. Once your soup is hot, add in your meatballs and cover until the soup has thickened and the meatballs are cooked. 

5. Place your meatballs and soup in a bowl, add ricotta or mozzarella cheese and enjoy!

Bright, tasty soup ready in seconds ⏱

We believe in the goodness of real food. Food made from good, honest ingredients just tastes better.