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Our Story

Hi! My name is Mac, founder of I Eat My Greens. 

Back in the year 2000, I was privileged to compete in the Sydney Olympics in sailing. That journey taught me that the food I ate was a deciding factor in my overall well-being. I learned a lot about nutrition and how it helps us thrive!

 Now, as a husband and father of three, things are busier than ever which makes eating right even more difficult. And I realized a lot of people have the same problem.   

 From there, my passion for good food was born and the more I learned, the more shocked I became at the scope of the problem. Less than 14% of Americans eat more than the recommended amount of vegetables. 

And a lot of the so-called "healthy and easy" options lack nutrient-dense ingredients and are full of mystery ingredients without dietary value.

For years I researched the best way to create healthy, truly nutritious food that tastes amazing and is accessible to people in their fast-paced lives. Something to make them feel good and thrive in the everyday.  

The result? CRAZY-TASTY SOUPS rich in nutrient-dense ingredients that our bodies want and need, inspired by the flavors and nostalgia of a real meal made with love by our moms, adapted to the 21st century consumer. 


That's what I Eat My Greens is all about - I hope you enjoy!