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We care about what we put on our planet as much as we care about what we put in our body 🌎

From our ingredients to the way we design our packaging and delivery process we try to make it as clean and simple as possible.  

🍃 Help us make a greener world! 🍃

Here's how our materials can be recycled:


Just put it in the blue bin. 💙 The boxes you receive are made of corrugated cardboard which can easily be recycled 📦



We use them to keep your soups cold during shipping ☃️

Better than recycling is reusing, here are some clever ways you can reuse insulation liners:

  • As a cooler bag: 👜 For storing frozen and refrigerated products from the grocery store 🛒 to your house 🏡

  • Portable seat padding: 🛋 Makes a lightweight, portable seat for picnics, sports events, or other activities when you want to protect your bottom.

  • DIY rain shield: ☔️ Stow a few empties in your vehicle. If you forget your umbrella, use it as a rain shield for yourself, or for your laptop.

  • Lunch bag: 🎒 For cans of soda, beer, or other frosty beverages and foods when going out. 

  • Sun shield ☀️ for your vehicle.

In some cases we use insulation made from recycled water bottles which are curbside recyclable ♻️



Soup caps are made from HDPE, a plastic which is recyclable ✅ 



We have partnered with Terracycle, 🎉 an organization that specializes in recycling all kinds of materials 😎. Simply send us your clean pouches and we will make sure they get recycled the right way. Follow our quick guide:


Being Green is simple 🕺
1. After placing an order you'll receive an email asking if you would like to recycle your soup pouches 💻. Just confirm. 

2. You'll receive a prepaid envelope in your order box 📦

3. After enjoying your soups,😋 remove the label, cut the pouches at the top just below the soup cap (the spout "soup cap" is recyclable, no need to send that to us).

4. Place pouches in the dishwasher or wash them by hand 💧(they need to be clean in order to be recyclable).

5. Pop your dry pouches inside the prepaid envelope and put it in your mailbox 📬

6. ✨Abracadabra! ✨ Your pouches will be delivered to Terracycle ♻️ where they will be melted and turned into new awesome products like benches, grocery bags, trash bins, etc.


♻️ Learn more about the recycling process here ♻️. To watch a cool recycling video click here 🎥

If you have any questions about recycling or you just want to randomly speak to someone, reach out to our awesome customer service team here 😎