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Ask us anything! (well... not anything) 

Q: What if I can't skip, edit or cancel my subscription?

Once logged in, click on Manage Subscription on the right side to see all your subscription settings:

To change frequency, on the right side click on Change Frequency and select your favorite frequency.  

To pause, on the right side it will be Subscription Status and click on Pause Subscription.

To skip, scroll down for the menu and click on Manage Upcoming Orders, then click on Skip Order to the right of each one.

To editscroll down for the menu and click on Manage Upcoming Orders to see all your orders with description, then click Make Your Selections to choose your favorite soups, and finally click on Save Selections so we can know which ones you chose. 

Q: Is there any minimum commitment for a subscription? 

No, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. 

Q: Where do I can cancel my subscription? 

Once logged in, click on Manage Subscription on the right side to see all your subscription settings, scroll down to the menu and click on the last option Cancel Subscription and chose the option that fits you, finally click on Cancel Subscription 

Q: How long do our soups last?

Once the soup is opened, keep it refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days.

If it still closed, you can keep them inside the fridge for up to 8 weeks or in the freezer for up to 9 months.

Q: Can I freeze my soups? 

If your soups arrived cold, keep them in the fridge, but if they arrived freezed you can freeze them.

Q: Where do you ship? 

International: Right now we only ship to the US, but stay tune soon we might ship to your country!
Inside US: At the moment, we ship to CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO, WY, ID, OR, WA, TX, OK, AR, MS and LA. 
Once you place your order, your soups will arrive 1-3 days after. 

Q: When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped on Tuesdays. Just sit back and relax, we'll do all the chopping and cooking.